• Mark Lefko
    Mark Lefko

Mark Lefko | Founder + CEO

Mark Lefko has a vision that business leaders can find consciousness, collaboration and friendship in the power of groups and community. Many refer to him as a master facilitator, masterful connector of people and Conscious Business Leader.

Mark brings passion, direction and extensive experience as a successful businessman, CEO mentor and business roundtable facilitator to the organization. In 2001, Mark founded the Lefko Group, one of the nation's leading facilitators for corporate retreats, CEO peer groups and transformational roundtables. Since then he has coached / mentored 100+ CEOs and Presidents and led countless strategic planning retreats, team-building sessions, corporate think tanks and industry roundtables. In 2011 he Co-Founded the Conscious Leader Nework with Runa Bouius. Mark is known for his high-energy, effective meeting facilitation, a high level of consciousness and incisive professional and personal guidance.

Mark has transformed his 35-year corporate background - seven years with Arthur Andersen, as CFO and COO for a large national mortgage banking company, as a mergers & acquisitions partner for an investment banking firm in Los Angeles and as Chairman for TEC (now Vistage), a CEO membership organization - into a purpose that rises above the bottom line. His intention is to lead by example and uphold the highest level of integrity, creativity and collaboration.

Mark also is a teacher and speaker, serving as a visiting faculty member at the Business School for Entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he taught business owners how to increase their company's market value and has been a speaker for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), 101 Business Leadership Forum and a facilitator/guide at the Conscious Capitalism, Inc. CEO Summit as well as produced and facilitated the Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Learning Journey for CEOs at Patagonia.


Special Acknowledgement to Runa Bouius, Conscious Leadership Catalyst, www.runa.la who was the Co-Founding Partner of the Conscious Leader Network with Mark Lefko for her contributions and collaboration in the creation of the Conscious Leader Network that was the predecessor and blueprint for the Conscious Leadership Connection.