Conscious Leadership Connection | Supporters

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

T.S. Eliot


At the Conscious Leadership Connection we are fortunate to be supported by many individuals, conscious leaders all, without whose unflagging assistance and energy it would not have been possible to launch this enterprise. For their wisdom, vision and the efforts they have made on our behalf we are truly grateful.


  • Steve Aanenson
  • Rebekah Albrecht
  • Jess Arie
  • Lisa Arie
  • Michael Besancon
  • David Booth
  • Sabine Bredemeyer
  • Melissa Burns
  • Reena Cartwright
  • Samantha Collins
  • Amy Commans
  • Michelle DeAngelis
  • Mike Domash
  • Tari Follett
  • Karen Fritz
  • Renee Gallegos
  • Mark Goulston, M.D.
  • DJ Grimes
  • Aaron Heinrich
  • Brian Hemsworth
  • Jerri Hemsworth
  • Barclay Hope
  • Timothy Karsten
  • Susan Kendrick
  • Karinna Kittles Karsten
  • Lawrence Koh
  • Young-Min Koh
  • Athena Lou
  • Jonathan Makrinos
  • Jena Markey
  • Kazumi Mechling
  • Rudy Miick
  • Kalie Moriarty
  • Ted Ning
  • Robin Palmer
  • Elana Planko
  • Michael Prukop
  • Nina Prukop
  • Julia Ritchie
  • Graham Roberts
  • Deborah Shames
  • Casey Sheahan
  • Robert Silverstone
  • Eric Smith
  • Paul Spiegelman
  • Peter Stranger
  • Ron Supancic
  • David Craig Utts
  • Renee Wagner
  • Matthew Walker
  • Paul David Walker
  • Birgitt Williams
  • Grant Withers
  • Mary Ellen Wojie


Upcoming Events

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Conscious Leader Roundtables

For CEO's and senior executives that are interested in exploring Conscious Leadership in business and life. The format is ongoing in-person meetings with 10-12 influential business leaders in a safe, confidential, non-competitive environment. Click here to learn more. 

Conscious Leader Mentoring

Interested in support to build your skills and decision making around being a Conscious Leader in business? Click here to learn more. 

Conscious Leader Retreats

Interested in bringing clarity and focus to your business, your team and / or your personal life? A corporate or personal retreat can provide just that. Click here to learn more. 

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