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"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."

Henry David Thoreau 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Conscious Leader?

There is no specific definition of a Conscious Leader - rather there are qualities that contribute to conscious leadership. Many of these qualities are expressed in the "Guiding Principles of the Conscious Leadership Connection," already described. A Conscious Leader is one who exhibits confidence born of inner awareness; the courage of her convictions; the awareness of and sensitivity to the feelings and sensibilities of others; the humility that is inherent rather than contrived; a life of balance with focus on health, family, community as well as career; active listening; kindness and an integrity that is uncompromising.


A Conscious Leader is not defined by title and can occupy any position in a company, an organization or a group. She is recognizable by the magnetism that draws others to her, by a clear focus on community and sustainability as well as the success of the organization.  CLICK HERE for a comparison between the Unconscious vs. Conscious Leader.


What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious Leadership is focused on the personal success of the individuals in an organization, the benefit to the community, country and planet on which the organization exists and equally, on the organization itself. It is leadership in which authority is derived from example and inspiration rather than from the power of a title. 

What is Conscious Leadership's bottom line?

Conventional wisdom and conventional behavior indicate that a single-minded focus on achieving profit is the purpose of business. This concept is reinforced by the rigors of quarterly financial reporting required of public companies, an intolerance when results are not immediate and the high turnover resulting from this impatience.


In Conscious Leadership the 'bottom line' is regarded not only as some numbers in black or red at the end of a financial statement, but as the personal fulfillment of those involved in generating those numbers, and in the effect their generation has on the health of the broad community.


Why is the Conscious Leadership Connection important?

The Conscious Leadership Connection exists as a forum for individuals to explore the meaning and benefits of a different way of leading in an organization. Conscious Leadership exists at every level in a company or group of any kind, from the bottom rungs to the top. Many or perhaps most Conscious Leaders are not even aware of the term, they have simply come to this personal way of operating in the world naturally. Others see leaders that they admire and aspire to learn their principals. Yet others simply have a yearning to live in a way that benefits their community and themselves while making their living.


The Conscious Leadership Connection gives all of them, experienced or neophyte, an organization through which they can share experience, teach others, learn from others, expand themselves and even advocate for a life lived with a focus on personal fulfillment combined with career success and care for their community.


What drives us at the Conscious Leadership Connection?

The founders and advisors of the organization share a desire to live their lives in the true expression of Conscious Leadership. While as yet imperfect in the practice, the benefits of this consciousness are so apparent to themselves, their families, businesses and community that they are drawn to create an organization devoted to providing a forum for its celebration.


We are driven to share what we know, to learn more from others and to benefit as many people and organizations as possible. 


Why Now?

There is no time to waste. Not only because Conscious Leadership has demonstrable benefits across such a broad spectrum, but because it's apparent that there are problems out there in conventional leadership. From the distribution of wealth, corruption at many levels, the selfishness and lack of consciousness that leads to the indiscriminate overuse of resources of the land and ocean, paralysis in government and crises in education, we are in desperate need of a re-boot. Conscious Leadership just could be the way out of the mess we're in.


What is Consciousness?

The definitions of consciousness rarely do it justice. Peter Russell gets close - "The biggest hurdle to define Consciousness is the word itself. A noun is inappropriate. Consciousness does not exist as a thing.  It is not a thing to be known but KNOWING itself."


Consciousness is that elusive quality of awareness of self and others; it's inquisitiveness, curiosity, mindfulness, presence, personal truth, wisdom and essential truth. And much, much more.


What is Conscious Business?

A conscious business has a higher purpose than the simple optimization of profit and shareholder value. It is one in which all stakeholders are valued as individuals and their personal fulfillment is a stated goal. It is also a business that is managed to be of the greatest benefit to the community and to the planet.

"Conscious Business is a business that fosters peace and happiness in the individual, respect and solidarity in the community, and mission accomplishment in the organization." ~ Fred Kofman, Conscious Business 

What is Conscious Culture?

A conscious culture is one in which respect for individual beliefs and abilities is combined with appreciation for difference; where stakeholders are valued, encouraged and inspired; where there is reverence for initiative. A conscious culture is one in which magic can flourish.


"Conscious Culture is the soil or solution that runs through an organizational system that creates its unique identity, unique flavor and then fuels it. It is imbued with the higher purpose, and the values and the recognition of the interdependence of all team-members." ~ Jeff Klein, Working for Good

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